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Stereo 3D, Virtual Reality, Simulation, Augmented Reality, Holographic Projection…

The concept of Immersive Reality crosses many areas of technology and digital interaction. Some of these are very real, and in use around us on a daily basis. Think 3D Movies, Nintendo 3DS, Google Maps, or 3D Printing for a start. Others are either improbable, or at least not likely in the near term, for instance the Star Trek Holodeck, or direct mind/computer interfaces.

But any of these examples, and many more, do focus on how we interact with the digital world, and often blur the boundaries between that digital world and the physical world. Many technologies seek new and creative ways to fool our senses into believing that what is being delivered is real. Others seek to improve upon our natural perceptions of the physical world, or create physical objects from the digital potential.

Our goal is to bring you the most interesting news, product reviews, and opinions in the areas of virtual, immersive, and augmented reality. We present you with our vision of where this is all going, where we think it might go, or perhaps just… wherever our fanciful imaginations lead us.